Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The way in which our children are born, our experience of birth, and how we process and retell our stories is so vitally important to our health as women and to our role as mothers. The choices that we make as parents begin before our babies are even born and include:
• Choosing a birth place (hospital, birth center, or home)
• Choosing a qualified birth team to facilitate the kind of birth experience that we are preparing for
• Choosing birth education classes to build confidence and ready our minds and bodies for the work ahead.

To labor and give birth is focused work that requires dignity, respect, preparation, and informed choice. To rely on the love and trust that you share with your partner during birth, is a wonderful place for you both to begin your parenting journey.


Thank you for considering me to be a part of your birth. It would be my honor and privelage to assist you on your journey to motherhood.