CPR/BSL (Basic Life Support

NRP (Neonatal Resussitation)

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Breastfeeding babies with special needs


Cloth Diapering


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my story

My journey as a birth worker begain in 2010 with the birth of my son. My husband and I wanted a natural childbirth, so we pursued childbirth classes using the Bradley method of Natual Childbirth. The classes were 12 weeks long and taught us so much about what to expect during labor and how to acheive the labor and birth experience that we desired. With the help of our Birth Doula, I gave birth naturally in the hospital with no pain medication or medical interventions. At this time, that was a very rare occurence due to hospital policies. Immediately following the birth, I felt a very strong desire to help other families acheive their birth wishes as well. I became trained and certified as a Childbirth Educator and began teaching couples in my home. Later, I went on to become a Doula, so that I could provide additional support for families giving birth. Attending births as a Doula is something that brings my heart so much joy! I love being a part of your birth story from beginning to end. It's a story that you and your family will remember and rejoyce in forever and I'm so honored and blessed to be a part of that story. 

current happenings

I am NOW the mother of two amazing children. I am still a Doula but I have found my ultimate calling is in Midwifery, therefore I am also a Student Midwife. In December 2016, I began traiing as a Midwife Assistant with Susan Oshel, CPM of Blue Ridge Midwifery in Roanoke, VA. Assisting with births has taught me many many things related to home birth, such as Prenatal exams, Postpartum home visits, Newborn Screening, placenta inspection, basic lab work and many other administrative tasks.  I am still attending birhts as a Doula and I am still offering childbirth education for clients who need them. 

Sean's birth in the hospital with our  Doula