Recent News

March 26, 2018

I am now certified in NRP (Neonatal Resussitation Program)

May 23, 2017

I am now certified in CPR/BSL (Basic Life Support) 

As your Doula:

As your Birth Doula, I will assist you in creating and developing a solid birth plan to share with your birth provider. I will meet with you for 2 Prenatal appointments. The initial appointment will be discussion about your needs, desires as well as, helping you to make decisions about your birth as needed. I will have a 36 week Prenatal appointment with you and your parter, to discuss comfort measures that you can do in the home once labor begins (before I arrive). I will be on-call for you for 2 weeks prior to your due date and up to 2 weeks following due date (if needed). We will discuss when you should call me, when you should expect to go to the hospital (if birthing at a hospital). I will provide physical and emotional support to you during your labor and birth, offering suggestons for comfort and position changes. I will provide you with advocacy and support for your rights as a childbearing woman. I will also offer one Postpartum visit, to assist with breastfeeding, bonding and other needs that may arise for you and your baby during this precious period.  

As your Childbirth Educator:

My classes offer hands-on education for couples who wish to achieve natural birth. The insturction includes the importance of nutrition in pregnancy, and it's role in remaining low-risk, pregnancy & anatomy terms, recognizing the stages of labor, exercises that help to prepare the mother's body for birth, relaxation exercises to use during labor, avoidance of interventions during labor, importance of choosing the right place and provider(s)for birth, assisting with writing a birth plan, importance of breastfeeding, as well as, extensive breastfeeding information and support, viewing and discussing birth videos, educational childbirth games and a lending library to birth students. The length of the class is typically 5 weeks but it can be tailored to suit the needs of the birthing parents. Please Note: I am no longer affiliated with The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth. This class is a blend of childbirth information that I have gleaned over the years. 

More services

Multi-Service Packages can be available custom to your family's needs. Please contact me for more information on how I can assist you.